Graphic Design

Graphic Design has a broad spectrum and prices vary depending on your project.
Just get in touch to talk about your needs or to get a quote!



Price in CHF*


from 100.-

Live Concert

from 100.-

Group Photos / Group Portraits (2+ people)

from 200.-

Wedding (1 Full Day)

from 2000.-

Product Photography

from 100.-



Price in CHF*

Filming at Location

100.- / hour

Video Editing

60.- / hour

Prices for Video Projects are not accurate without concrete ideas or perceptions.
The budget usually determines what will and what won't be possible for the production.
Please contact me to discuss the details!
If you'd like to get a more accurate quote (free) for your Inquiry, just contact me below! Make sure to describe your project as detailed as possible.
* All Prices are estimates in Swiss Francs (CHF).
Please keep in mind that fees can be higher, or sometimes even lower, depending on how time consuming and complex your project is!
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.