I offer a wide range of professional services related to design, photography and video.

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Photography & Videography

- Portraits

- Weddings

- Events / Theatres, Concerts etc.

- Commercial Products

- Real Estate

- Short Films


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Photo Editing / Retouching

I can edit any of your photos quickly and professionally. For Instagram, Facebook, your website, advertisement for your business, etc.


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Video Editing / Color grading

Get your video edited professionally by Grofdesign and get stunning results! 

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Logos & Branding

Your business, event, project or band needs a good logo? I've worked with many people and small businesses to help their appearance as a brand.

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Website-Design / Drafting

I offer visual Website Drafts, or full Website Design.


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Flyers / Booklets / CD Covers

I can help you with designing print media or online media

- Flyers, Business Cards, Posters

- Online Banners (Facebook etc.)

- CD-Booklets


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I create unique and powerful Artworks.

Past clients have bought some of these for Shirt-Designs, CD-Covers, Wallpapers etc.

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Graphic Design



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Tobias Koelman


I am a graphic designer based in Winterthur, Switzerland.


After secondary school, I visited the Preparatory design course at the BfG Zürich. These were the most crucial and influential days of learning about design and photography for me.


In 2012 I received my Federal Certificate of Proficiency in graphic design.


I received my professional Baccalaureate at the College of Art and Design Zurich in 2016.

Ever since I'm improving my skills independently on a daily basis.

My whole family consists of musicians, which makes me feel very connected to passionate and dedicated musicians, and to creating music in general.

Design and music go hand in hand –together they can make a much bigger impact than on their own.

Music and Design have always been my passion. I can confidently say that this has helped me to continuously grow my attention to detail.

I've been playing instruments since I'm six years old. Currently I play guitar in a metal band called Virvum, as well as in a project called Grofból, where I compose and produce all the music myself.

I started Grofdesign in 2016 when I first discovered a new way of creating unique artworks.

It inspired me to keep going, with the dream of becoming an independent designer one day.


Having used many of my skills in various  projects, I decided to make GrofDesign an "all-round" Brand, offering a wide asset

of services in graphic design,

photography and videography.


After years of experience, I can guarantee professional work and great results for any of your projects.

Tobias Koelman / Grofdesign (2019)


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