I offer a wide range of professional services related to design, photography and video.

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Photography & Videography

- Portraits

- Weddings

- Events / Theatres, Concerts etc.

- Commercial Products

- Real Estate

- Short Films


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Photo Editing / Retouching

I can edit any of your photos quickly and professionally. For Instagram, Facebook, your website, advertisement for your business, etc.


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Video Editing / Color grading

Get your video edited professionally by Grofdesign and get stunning results! 

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Logos & Branding

Your business, event, project or band needs a good logo? I've worked with many people and small businesses to help their appearance as a brand.

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Website-Design / Drafting

I offer visual Website Drafts, or full Website Design.

I work with online tools that make it possible for the client to make adjustments on their website after it's designed.


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Flyers / Booklets / CD Covers

I can help you with designing print media or online media

- Flyers, Business Cards, Posters

- Online Banners (Facebook etc.)

- CD-Booklets


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I create unique and powerful Artworks.

Past clients have bought some of these for Shirt-Designs, CD-Covers, Wallpapers etc.

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Graphic Design



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  • YouTube


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Graphic Design

Graphic Design has a broad spectrum and prices vary depending on your project.
Just get in touch to talk about your needs or to get a quote!



Price in CHF*


from 100.-

Live Concert

from 100.-

Group Photos / Group Portraits (2+ people)

from 200.-

Wedding (1 Full Day)

from 2000.-

Product Photography

from 100.-